Latest Gentleman Haircuts

Latest Gentleman Haircuts

The gentleman’s haircut is a classic style that looks universally stylish. It is suitable for men with short, medium length and long hair. These sophisticated hairstyles work well for professional men who need a cut that transitions easily between work and play. Inspired by traditional looks, classic men’s hairstyles are typically shorter and emulate the soft features of the side parting, over-comb and sleek back. The modern gentleman starts with a fade, taper or undercut on the sides and back, leaving the hair longer on top for limitless styling possibilities. To inspire you with cuts and styles, we’ve compiled a list of the best gentleman haircuts you can get now. Whether you want a short haircut with a taper fade or a longer style that flows, explore these dapper cuts to find a chic and fashionable hairstyle you’ll love!

Crew Cut:

The crew cut is a cool, fresh and unapologetically short haircut. Designed for its functionality, this minimalist cut is the ultimate low maintenance hairstyle and can be styled to work with all hair types and textures. While the military style dictates an even length all around, the modern crew cut haircut is often combined with a skin fade, taper or undercut on the sides and back.

Slick Black:

The sleek back is completely in keeping with the suave aesthetic of the refined modern man. This vintage look has the look of a man who could have confidently walked off the set of Mad Men into the modern world without a second thought. The slick-back hairstyle works well with thick, straight, medium-length hair and is best achieved with a strong, shiny pomade or gel. Because this look is so sleek and professional, it goes well with a well-groomed face or light stubble, but can also be paired with a full beard. Clean and bold, the slick back is a statement haircut for the modern gentleman.

Brow Flow:

The Bro Flow is a casual and sexy long hairstyle for guys who want to maintain medium length hair for a chic style. This look has a carefree, minimally groomed attitude. The Bro Flow is suitable for men with straight, wavy and curly hair. To maintain the hairstyle, you need to use a high quality shampoo and conditioner to enhance volume and fullness but prevent frizz. Combine this hairstyle with some light stubble or a short beard to complete the look. As with the bangs, simply add a low hold product such as a styling cream to add texture to the hair and reduce potential frizz.

Comb Over:

Whether you’re going for a casual look or planning a formal event, the comb over is one way to upgrade your hairstyle. Neat and polished, the comb over adds a touch of class and sophistication for the modern gentleman. As one of the best haircuts to add volume to your hair, this is a great choice for men with all hair types. The cut is easy to style, although the sides should be tapered or faded to keep the look fresh.

Side Part:

The side parting is the classic men’s haircut that allows you to achieve a clean and stylish look with effortless styling. Stylish and undeniably good looking, the side parting suits any face shape and hair texture. For men who aren’t sure which style suits them best, the side parting is a great place to start. The look is easily achieved with a comb and some gel, and requires minimal maintenance without sacrificing style.

Fade haircut:

The fade haircut is the most common way for guys to cut their sides and back. While most men’s hairstyles were traditionally paired with a taper on the sides, trends have changed in recent years and guys are opting for shorter cuts. Low maintenance and sophisticated, popular men’s haircuts are being paired with a fade to enhance the hairstyle and bring the look up. Guys can opt for a low, mid or high fade cut and then further customize it with a drop or skin fade. Universally flattering and versatile, the best men’s hairstyles often come with a fade haircut on the back and sides.

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