Different Type Of Beards

Different Type Of Beards

The gentleman’s Beard is a classic style that looks universally stylish. It is suitable for men with short, medium length and long hair. When it comes to creating a beautiful and unique look for men, the beard is at the top of the list. Beards can be trimmed short or grown out long, kept thick and full or genetically thin and patchy. With so many popular styles, it can be a challenge to choose from all the beard types to grow and maintain. Although there are several beard ideas for every man, it’s important to choose a look and shape that fits your face, hair growth, and hairstyle. To inspire you with design ideas, we’ve compiled a list of the different beard types you can consider now. From stubble to long facial hairstyles, discover the best beards and find ideas you’ll love.


Scruff is a very short beard style that only takes a few days to grow, but it can give the appearance of a full, manly beard. Also known as a light stubble beard, scruff is a low-maintenance look that can be sophisticated and formal if you’re willing to do some basic trimming. If grooming is not your thing, the stubble beard style will give you a relaxed and rugged look.

Heavy Stubble:

Heavy stubble is just one step above a 5 o’clock shadow on a scale of how much hair is needed. This means that it’s really easy for you to grow that sexy beard. To get a strong stubble beard, just stop shaving for more than a week (anywhere between 7 and 10 days).

Corporate Beards:

Corporate beards take time to grow out, but the end result is a clean-cut beard that works for most face shapes. As the name suggests, the whole idea is that this beard is suitable to be worn at work with a suit. To get the sleek, good looking corporate beard, you need a good beard product to keep the hair and skin moisturized.

Short Beard:

There are two varieties of the short beard: the short rounded beard and the short box beard. For the short rounded beard, simply grow the full beard, but trim the hair shorter in the cheek area. This is more flattering for men who have larger cheeks because it helps to slim the face. The short, boxy beard is a slightly longer version of the short, round beard. Not only should you trim the hair on your cheeks shorter, but you should also grow longer hair in the chin area, which will elongate and slim the face. This flattering look creates an edgy, angular jawline, making it a masculine but office-friendly beard.

Long Beard:

Generally, facial hair longer than six inches is considered a long beard. For most men, it takes about a year to grow this length, so these beard styles are a lot of work. Because of the effort required to grow a long beard, there are a few things you should consider before you decide to go this route. Although the long beard is a unique, bold look that is currently in fashion, many men have trouble growing a long beard. This is because longer facial hair is more fragile, leading to breakage and dryness or a stringy texture. So even if you have a good, thick beard, it may not look as good when it grows longer.

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