How to Get Curly Hair?

How to Get Curly Hair?

The gentleman’s curly haircut is a classic style that looks universally stylish. It is suitable for men with short, medium length and long hair. Guys with straight hair may be curious about how to get curly hair for men. Fortunately, with good styling products and tools for men, there are a number of ways to get straight hair curly. Whether you want to curl short hair or get naturally curly hair, this guide will walk you through the steps to make thick straight hair wavy or curly.  Check out our tutorial to learn everything you need to know about curls for men. From using the right hair products to blow drying to creating tight curls that last, learn how to curl men’s hair here.

Use the Sea Salt Spray to Create Curls:

Sea salt spray is essential to achieve a wavy or curly hairstyle. Salt spray naturally enhances beachy curls and waves while giving you a medium hold and a soft, textured finish.

Apply Heat Protectant:

Heat protectant spray protects your hair from heat damage that can dry out your locks or cause frizz. Likewise, heat protection products make your hair dry faster when you blow dry it. Work the spray into your hair, making sure to cover the surface evenly.

Blow Dry Hair:

After you have prepared your curls, it is time to add heat. If your blow dryer is equipped with a diffuser, attach it. Diffusers distribute airflow from a single source into multiple streams. By distributing the heat flow, men can shape tight curls, increase volume, reduce frizz and style their hair better.

Style Individual Curls:

While you are scrunching, you can also create individual curls by wrapping small sections of hair around your finger and blowing warm air on them. This process results in a more defined curl and can be especially trendy for your bangs. Do this wherever you feel it is necessary, especially if there are less curly areas on the head. Once the hair feels dry, enhance the curls by applying an extra layer of sea salt spray for a nice natural texture.

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